Обложка книги Career Coaching: An Insider's Guide

Career Coaching: An Insider's Guide

ISBN: 0891061843;
Издательство: Davies-Black Publishing
Страниц: 352

The first book to address one of the fastest-growing and most rapidly changing fields in the world of business, CAREER COACHING constitutes the ultimate mentor and guide for both novice practitioners and seasoned professionals. Tackling today's corporateclimate, changes in attitude toward integrating lifestyle with work, the constant migration of employees through various companies and fields, and the consistent job dissatisfaction that seems to plague most workers, author Marcia Bench presents career coaches with comprehensive assessments and multi-dimensional models to help their clients achieve professional and spiritual fulfillment. Bench integrates two distinct coaching models, the Authentic Vocation(TM) Model and the Quantum-Shift! (TM) coaching method, to help coaches develop clients who can not only solve immediate career dilemmas but also manage their careers successfully through transition. Using dialogue from actual coaching sessions, offering dozens of coaching...

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