Обложка книги The Gates of Ivory

The Gates of Ivory

ISBN: 0-7710-2861-X;
Издательство: S Paperback

With `The Gates of Ivory`, Margaret Drabble returns to some of the characters readers came to love in her previous international bestsellers, `The Radiant Way` and `A Natural Curiosity`. There is Esther Breuer, the art historian, Alix Bowen, the teacher,and above all, Liz Headleand, the psychiatrist. In London, Liz receives an unexpected package containing, among other items, two human finger bones, a laundry bill from a hotel in Thailand, some postcards and scraps of manuscript. She recognizesthe handwriting as that of her friend, Stephen Cox, the award-winning novelist who has been travelling in the Far East. Has something terrible happened to Stephen, she wonders. To find out, she enlists the help of her friends and Stephen`s. Gradually, we learn of Stephen`s difficult pilgrimage, from Bangkok to Saigon to Hanoi and, finally, the dreaded, violent world of the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot`s Cambodia ...

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