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Ron Rubin

Dragon Spirit: How to Self-Market Your Dream--A Zentrepreneur's Guide

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ISBN: 1557045631
Издательство: Newmarket Press
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionThe new inspirational and motivational "zentrepreneur's guide" with a focus on marketing, from the authors of the highly-acclaimed, life-changing Success at Life , the two self-described "zentrepeneurs" who run the unique, socially-conscious company where life and work are an interconnected adventure. Ancient wisdom and timeless philosophies, knotted together with state-of-the-art insights and observations, address the realities of the marketplace, demystifying the fears and terrors of marketing a dream that captures the soul. This fast- paced, witty excursion will encourage and inspire, inspirit and enthuse as never before by moving the reader ever onward, empowering them to experience the wows and the wonders of their richly deserved dream. With their trademark wit and passion, the authors tell how to: Jettison toxic blocking beliefs ? Discover the discipline of perseverance ? Maintain faith in the face of "dream killers" ? Embrace design...