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Peggy Pattison

At First You Cry....and Then You Fly! : Thriving After Downsizing

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ISBN: 1413725511
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThis is a book for those choosing to expand their minds and inspire their hearts! Peggy brings a unique insider view of the chaos created inside organizations by corporate downsizing, which only creates the illusion of "progress" for its shareholders! The personal impact of this chaos on the middle-America socio-economic condition is brought home poignantly as Peggy shares colleagues' heart-breaking stories of their "downsizing" and the impact on their financial, emotional, family, and professional lives.Other topics of current interest in this country are: Discrimination in 2003, Ageism, and Ageless Living Symbolism for a 76 million baby-boomer population!Humor is intricately woven throughout the book and also appears as inspirational messages for those looking for insight into their own healing after dealing with adversity. Peggy challenges us to use adversity to discover our intended life purpose!