Обложка книги The 101 Greatest Business Principles of All Time

The 101 Greatest Business Principles of All Time

ISBN: 0446576654;
Издательство: Warner Business Books

Book DescriptionAn MBA in a book! A distillation of the wisdom of the greatest entrepreneurs, business leaders, economists, and inspirational figures of all time--in one handy and elegant volume. No ones business education would be complete without the wisdom included in THE 101 GREATEST BUSINESS PRIN-CIPLES OF ALL TIME. From Adam Smith to Donald Trump, from Thomas Edison to Peter Drucker and Jack Welch, here are inspiring words and advice from the most creative thinkers of our time. Readers will encounter such fundamental concepts as Buy cheap, sell dear, perceptive observations like Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led (Warren Bennis), and such expressions of basic ideals as Robert F. Kennedys impassioned declaration (paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw), Some see the world as it is, and ask why? I see the world as it might be, and ask why not? This book will motivate and inspire its readers to work with more creativity, lead with passion and compassion,...