Обложка книги Trump: How to Get Rich

Trump: How to Get Rich


ISBN: 1400063272; 5-9614-0324-6;
Издательство: Random House
Страниц: 272

Real estate titan, bestselling author, and TV impresario Donald J.Trump reveals the secrets of his success. Over the years, everyone has urged Trump to write on this subject, but it wasn't until NBC and executive producer Mark Burnett asked him to star in "The Apprentice" that he realized just how hungry people are to learn how great personal wealth is created and first-class businesses are run. In Trump: How To Get Rich , Trump tells all - about the lessons learned from "The Apprentice", his real estate empire, his position as head of the 20,000-member Trump Organization, and his most important role, as a father who has successfully taught his children the value of money and hard work. With his characteristic brass and smarts, Trump offers insights on how to: Invest wisely. Impress the boss and get a raise. Manage a business efficiently. Hire, motivate, and fire employees. Negotiate anything. ...

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