Обложка книги Who Are "They" Anyway?

Who Are "They" Anyway?

ISBN: 0793188296;
Издательство: Kaplan Publishing

Book Description A charming workplace parable to inspire your staff to achieve success through greater personal accountability. Every team, every organization, every group has problems. Every individual has problems, too. Often we search for the right person or persons to solve those problems. The question is: Where and how do we find them? Who are "they" anyway? In Who Are "They" Anyway? BJ Gallagher and Steve Ventura lead readers on a personal quest-a journey-in search of someone who can fix what's wrong, deal with difficult people, and take charge of fixing individual and organizational problems. Who is that special person? The results may surprise readers, as they learn: * Who those "theys" are who seem responsible for every organization's bureaucratic hassles. * How to stop looking for someone to blame or someone to come to the rescue. * How to experience the job satisfaction and personal pleasure that comes...