Обложка книги Winning in a Losing Culture

Winning in a Losing Culture

ISBN: 1413732445;
Издательство: PublishAmerica

Book DescriptionWinning in a Losing Culture is an uplifting and inspirational approach to adjusting and building immunity to the threats of the new corporate culture that is driven to "win at all cost." It examines the dilemma that the average American worker faces in a morally bankrupt environment driven by greed, competition and fear for survival. Corporate downsizing and shifting jobs overseas is causing less focus on people and more on profits. This phenomenon creates the parallel thinking of many independent people to conclude that we are now living in a period of conspiracy from an unknown source. The deterioration of trust and loyalty and growing arrogance in the workplace are key contributors to the migration towards divorcing the employee-corporate love-affair relationship. Today, America faces its biggest challenge-the challenge of surviving and rebuilding its changing culture. Its people must reset their values and priorities and start measuring each other for what they are...