Обложка книги Dr. Swan's Prescriptions for Job-itis

Dr. Swan's Prescriptions for Job-itis

ISBN: 0805431799;
Издательство: Broadman & Holman Publishers

Book DescriptionDennis Swanberg is well-known for his humorous take on life. Ahilarious storyteller, "Dr. Swan" always has the prescription for what is ailing you. If you?re not completely satisfied with the way that things are unfolding for you atyour workplace, it?s possible that you?ve got a case of something that Dr. Swan calls "job-itis." Job-itis is the condition of being a little dissatisfied (or, for that matter, a lot dissatisfied) with the current state of your career. This book is full of helpful ideas for curing job-itis. When you follow Dr. Swan?s advice, you can find what you need to move on with your career and with your life