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The Nia Guide for Black Women: Balancing Work and Life

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ISBN: 1932841059
Издательство: Agate
Год издания: 2005
Book Description From NiaOnline.com , the web's leading community site for black women: a frank and personal guide to handling the complexities, conflicts, and challenges of being a successful black working woman today, from balancing work and personal lives, dealing with race- and gender-related issues in the office, seeking out the most fulfilling work, and finding the composure, peace, and strength necessary to fight (and win!) the corporate wars. Full of insightful perspectives on the realities of black women's working lives, helpful tips and suggestions, and personal stories from other successful black women. Developed with the editors and contributors to NiaOnline.com . Sheryl Huggins is the editor-in-chief of NiaOnline.com , the web's leading community site for African American women since 2000. Cheryl Mayberry McKissack is the CEO of Nia Enterprises.