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Arthur H. Bell

You Can't Talk To Me That Way!: Stopping Toxic Language In The Workplace

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ISBN: 156414822X
Издательство: Career Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionYou Can't Talk to Me That Way! Stopping Toxic Language in the Workplace stands up to verbally abusive bosses, co-workers, and others and says, "Enough!" It shows readers exactly what to say and do to end the humiliation and torment. Real injury-deep wounds and lasting pain-occurs as a result of verbal insults, putdowns, and ridicule in the workplace. This book is for anyone who has become discouraged, withdrawn and isolated at work due to verbal attacks-or, just as often, has been provoked into shouting matches and verbal confrontations with his or her attacker. Toxic language in the workplace causes people to withhold their best effort, transfer to a different division, or quit outright. Productivity and team spirit wither under a cloudof language meant to humiliate, hurt, and demean. To all those who spew such language at their co-workers, subordinates, and bosses, this book insists "You Can't Talk to Me That Way!" You Can't Talk to Me That Way! Stopping Toxic...