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Robert E. Neilson

Collaborative Technologies and Organizational Learning (Series in Information Technology Management)

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ISBN: 187828939X
Издательство: Idea Group Publishing
Collaborative Technologies and Organizational Learning provides new insight from a longitudinal study of a public sector organization's experience with implementing a specific collaborative technology, Lotus Notes. The book includes a discussion of theoretical bases for organizational learning as well as practice prescriptions for those interested in installing or using Lotus Notes to leverage the intellectual capital already existing within an organization. From a theoretical perspective the book discusses a multiplicity of theoretical bases underlying organizational learning including single and double loop learning, expectancy theory, experience curve theory, reciprocity theory, coordination theory, open systems theory, optimal curve theory, and need-pull theory. Tom Davenport, a well-known management "guru" recently lamented that "if you can find a case in which Lotus Notes has fundamentally changed the organizational culture and dynamics of information exchange, I'll waterski...