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Bo Manning, Chris Thorne

Demand Driven : 6 Steps to Building an Ecosystem of Demand for Your Business

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ISBN: 0071400362
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
A proven, six-step process for creating and capturing demand in today's networked economy Demand Driven proves that it's not enough for organizations to market their products directly to the customer. Instead, it explains how organizations can create an "ecosystem of demand" for their products and services by using technology to partner with suppliers, customers, resellers, and competitors. These partnerships create indirect demand for the original product or service, resulting in higher overall sales. Demand Driven takes the concept of partnership marketing a step further by showing how a company can use technology to shape a common customer experience with its products, regardless of whether a customer is talking on the phone to a reseller, visiting its website, or purchasing support services from one of the company's marketing partners. Demand Driven moves beyond simplistic CRM and E-business "bandages" and offers digital and Internet...