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Edwin A. Hoover, Colette Lombard Hoover

Getting Along in Family Business: The Relationship Intelligence Handbook

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ISBN: 0415921899
Издательство: Brunner-Routledge
What is it that makes it possible for some families in business to successfully work together for over 100 years, and for others to end up in litigation in an unsuccessful attempt to pass the business onto the second generation? Getting Along in Family Business is a practical guide for business owning families and their professional advisors. Edwin A. Hoover and Colette Lombard Hoover identify the single most important factor to the success of any business: Relationship Intelligence. With over ten years experience working with family businesses of all sizes and types, the authors provide the practical applications and principles of Relationship Intelligence to help family businesses effectively problem solve, plan for the future, bridge differences, and manage change. As the first book that fully integrates important elements from family, developmental and group psychology, organizational development, business management, mediation and human motivation, Getting Along in Family...