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Bob Milward

Globalisation? Internationalisation and Monopoly Capitalism: Historical Processes and Capitalist Dynamism

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ISBN: 1840648694
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
This book acts as a welcome foil to current thinking on the concept of globalization, which tends to be divided into two distinct camps: one which suggests that the neo-liberal model has triumphed and has no realistic alternative, and another which argues that globalization, in its most extreme form, does not really exist, rather having evolved gradually from the very beginnings of industrialization. Bob Milward presents an alternative view of globalization and argues that indeed there has been a continuum in capitalist development, but that this has been forged by historical processes and the dynamism of the competitive forces of capitalism. He identifies the emergence of monopoly capitalism as an important shaping factor, and in so doing sheds light on issues of underdevelopment, multinational imperialism and crises in advanced capitalist economies. This radical, multidisciplinary account of the condition of the global economy, encompassing a critique of the neo-liberal...