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Kathleen E. Brush

High-Tech Strategies in the Internet Era

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ISBN: 1891231294
Издательство: Word Association Publishers
In a world where business has embraced technology, the Internet is bound to have a profound impact on the development of high-tech strategies. We are living in a time of breathtaking upheaval, complexity, and change, when much of what is cutting-edge today is obsolete tomorrow. Some might argue that the pace is too fast for high-tech companies to develop viable strategies. Dr. Brush is not one of them. She believes there has never been a time when strategies were more important--especially strategies designed to meet the unique challenges of the Internet era. She believes that there has never been a more important time to strategically prepare for the bumpy ride ahead. Drawing from her extensive high-tech experience and using real-world examples, Dr. Brush outlines a wide range of strategy processes that have already proven successful. She offers clear, practical advice to the business executive on choosing the most appropriate strategies and step-by-step me! thods for getting...