Обложка книги Marketing Strategy and Uncertainty

Marketing Strategy and Uncertainty

ISBN: 0195125738;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

This unique book develops a rigorous integrated theory of marketing under uncertainty. Cutting across traditional functional boundaries, the author develops behaviorally rich and empirically implementable solutions to previously neglected strategic problems, including: * coordinating marketing policy in a multiperiod framework under uncertainty * choosing optimal policy when the data contain measurement error * designing new products when consumers have heterogeneous attitiudes to risk and uncertain perceptions * selecting personnel and measuring performance in multiproduct firms when employee ability is unobservable * designing optimal incentive schemes for decentralized multilevel organizations, multidivisional firms and multinational corporations Management Strategy and Uncertainty has been successfully class-tested in marketing courses at the MBA level and in Executive Education programs; it is ideal for courses in marketing management and strategy. It's...

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