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Thomas L. West, Jeffrey D. Jones

Mergers and Acquisitions Handbook for Small and Midsize Companies

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ISBN: 0471133302, 9780471133308
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1997
Страниц: 464
Unlike the M&A fever that gripped so many large, publicly held corporations in the 1980s, the mergers and acquisitions activity of the 1990s is primarily centered around small and midsize businesses. But the sale and purchase of these companies present aunique constellation of problems, pitfalls, and challenges that may lead the unprepared buyer or seller to disappointment, difficulty, or even disaster. In this book—the only mergers and acquisitions guide that focuses on small and midsize companies—experts from every profession and specialty related to the sale or acquisition of a business lead buyers and sellers step by step through each phase of the M&A process. Their aim is to help both parties avoid hazards and mistakes and arrive at a fair and mutually profitable arrangement. Beginning with the basics, the book offers an overview of the market: the size and type of businesses covered; who the buyers and sellers are; why businesses are put up for sale; how to...