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Scott Thorpe

Revolutionary Strategies of the Founding Fathers: Leadership Lessons from America's Most Successful Patriots

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ISBN: 1570719349
Издательство: Sourcebooks
Manage change, tackle obstacles and lead others to success just as our forefathers did! Managing change is the greatest challenge facing businesses today. Executives must innovate in uncertainty, often against great odds. The Revolutionary Strategies of the Founding Fathers shows through the words and deeds of the greatest revolutionaries of all time?from Washington, Madison and Jefferson to Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin and John Adams?how modern managers and leaders can effectively manage and drive change in their organizations. Readers will learn: o Why Benjamin Franklin?s most important contribution to victory was being the life of the party o Why the British ignored the invention of a superior breach-loading rifle that could have doomed Washington?s army, and how you can avoid missing out on today?s innovations o The tactics of the Constitutional Convention that accelerated consensus on highly controversial issues Each historical...