Обложка книги Second Wind (Entrepreneur Mentor Series)

Second Wind (Entrepreneur Mentor Series)

ISBN: 1891984470;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/Business & Investing Distributed Product

A soft economy, tight money, the pressures of new technologies, and the fallout from 9/11 mean stress for the small-business community. The corporate failure rate is at an all-time high, and still rising. For today's entrepreneur, turnaround skills are not an option--they're the number-one essential. Anyone can prosper in a boom; here's how to survive the bust. Second Wind is a practical, can-do approach to small-business turnaround in the real world, written by an author with small-business experience. It's the business owner's definitive guide to troubleshooting. Second Wind offers a wide range of hands-on solutions, from simple strategies for change to successful Chapter 11 reorganization. Readers will learn how to recognize the signs that trouble is brewing, where to look, what to look for, and how to analyze every phase of the business operation to maximize their chances of success.