Обложка книги Statistical Analysis of Management Data

Statistical Analysis of Management Data

ISBN: 1402073151;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

This book covers multivariate statistical analyses that are important for researchers in all fields of management whether finance, production, accounting, marketing, strategy, technology or human resources management. Although multivariate statistical techniques such as those described in this book play key roles in fundamental disciplines of the social sciences (e.g., economics and econometrics or psychology and psychometrics), the methodologies particularly relevant and typically used in management research are the center of focus of this study. Statistical Analysis of Management Data is especially designed to provide doctoral students with a theoretical knowledge of the basic concepts underlying the most important multivariate techniques and withan overview of actual applications in various fields. The content herein addresses both the underlying mathematics and problems of application. As such, a reasonable level of competence in both statistics and mathematics is needed....