Обложка книги Sustaining Corporate Growth: Harnessing Your Strategic Strengths

Sustaining Corporate Growth: Harnessing Your Strategic Strengths


ISBN: 1574442899;
Издательство: Saint Lucie Press

The classic nursery story of "Jack and the Beanstalk" reads like a business dream come true: risky deal promises great returns, is scorned by skeptics, and ultimately results in phenomenal growth and profits. In the business world, Jack's fairy-tale experience is mirrored in the experiences of a select group of companies. The common thread: larger-than-life growth accompanied by risk, obstacles, and incredible profits. And with growth becoming increasingly essential to creating and maintaining shareholder value, such stellar examples have much to teach the rest of us.Competitive forces never stop. Just when a company finds itself near the top of the growth curve, new competitors, and new competitive issues arise. Without a successful growth strategy, itsstay at the top will be a short visit. While it's true that there is no permanent roadmap for growth, there are critical signposts along the way and some of them can be found in the stories of courage and innovation captured in...