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John J. Cotter

The 20% Solution: Using Rapid Redesign to Create Tomorrow's Organizations Today

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ISBN: 0471132780, 9780471132783
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1995
Страниц: 230
"Today, change flashes across the landscape like lightning. Simple, single-focus fix-it schemes no longer work, and isolated, unintegrated, one-time improvement efforts fail miserably. Organizations require periodic revolution, not just constant evolution." —John J. Cotter The first law of the jungle is that the most adaptable species are always the most successful. In the struggle for survival, the winners are those who are most sensitive to important changes in their environment and quickest to reshape their behavior to meet each new environmental challenge. As author John Cotter makes abundantly clear in this groundbreaking book, the law of natural selection holds as true for business organizations as it does for animal species. For Cotter, the key to getting a jump on change and beating out the competition in today's tumultuous, hypercompetitive business jungle is Rapid Redesign TM . A dynamic new approach to formulating and implementing strategic...