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Watts Wacker, Jim Taylor

Visionary's Handbook : Nine Paradoxes That Will Shape the Future of Your Business

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ISBN: 0066619882
Издательство: HarperBusiness
In The Visionary's Handbook, Watts Wacker and Jim Taylor refuse to paint a simplistic picture of the future; instead, they show where to look for the insight needed to compete and grow in the years ahead. Authors of the prophetic The 500 Year Delta, they now proclaim the Age of the Individual -- a world where life has never been more difficult, because it has never been easier. Today, individuals have far more power to claim their own futures than ever before, which means they have to follow four major rules to chart their courses: Know who you are. Know where you want to go. Recognize your own seminal moments. Adopt an attitude of insurgency. A bold, incisive book, The Visionary's Handbook captures the interlocking web of paradoxes that abound in everyday business life, and provides an essential map to help make the future work for every individual and every company in the challenging and uncertain times ahead.