Обложка книги Birds of Prey: Boeing Vs. Airbus: a Battle for the Skies

Birds of Prey: Boeing Vs. Airbus: a Battle for the Skies

ISBN: 1568581076;
Издательство: Four Walls Eight Windows
Страниц: 256

" This riveting report . . . of cutthroat competition . . . affords a sometimes shocking behind-the-scenes look at the aeronautical industry worldwide. " - Publishers Weekly " Lynn's treatment of the political, industrial, and social turmoil surrounding the sale to major carriers of a stable of aircraft of various payloads and ranges has all the intrigue and skullduggery of a spy novel. " - Library Journal " It's not business, it's geo-industrial politics. . . . It's chess played on the world map, and the pieces are silvery 777s and A330s. It's industrial imperialism fueled by high-flying government subsidies. . . . Lynn offers a foreign perspective U.S. readers won't get from the Boeing PR department. . . . In the new world order, war is trade and trade is war. " - A ssociated Press A fast-paced report of international corporate intrigue that tells how, by manipulation both overt and covert,...

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