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Walter Isard

History of Regional Science and the Regional Science Association International : The Beginnings and Early History

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ISBN: 3540009345
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionThe book portrays how a new unique social science field of study evolved and describes the formation of a society associated with the field. It starts with the rise of Hitler, the advent of the Keynesian Revolution, the intense mathematization of economics and relates how an individual's creative thinking, later supplemented by that of others, was able to effectively combat the strong resistance of conventional social sciences-economics and geography in particular to attain full scale recognition as a basic social science area covering the sorely neglected theoretical and related applied analysis of spatial, locational and regional phenomena. It depicts the first stage of development in North America, then because of demonstrated applied findings on problems where only theory and just talk existed in economics and geography, spread rapidly into Europe, Japan, India, Australia, South Korea and Latin America, and recently into Indonesia and China and elsewhere....