Обложка книги Dictionary of Strategy : Strategic Management A-Z

Dictionary of Strategy : Strategic Management A-Z

ISBN: 0761930728;
Издательство: SAGE Publications

Book Description The Dictionary of Strategy: Strategic Management A-Z is a lively, contemporary sourcebook that will help illuminate major debates, issues, and scholarship in strategic management. The dictionary is a teaching toolthat introduces the reader to the major terms in the field, giving them a general framework of strategic management. The book presents a unique, existential view of strategy that emphasizes strategic debate of the big issues, strategic thinking at all levels of the organization, and the idea that that one can start at many different points and gain information about the environment and constraints necessary to form an appropriate strategy. Truly student oriented, the Dictionary of Strategy was compiled based on author Louise Kelly?s MBA classes and presents over 550 important strategic management terms and concepts. The entries present a historical context showing how views have changed and evolved,...