Обложка книги Napiers History of Herbal Healing, Ancient and Modern

Napiers History of Herbal Healing, Ancient and Modern

ISBN: 1842820257;
Издательство: Luath Press Limited

Book DescriptionHerbalism is the practice and study of herbal medicine as carried out for thousands of years and is the oldest form of medicine. It is also the most widely used form of medicine, world-wide. Over hundreds and thousands of years the breadth and depth of knowledge about herbs has increased as the generations passed, improving the lives of the sick and injured. The author explores the history and early development of herbalism throughout the world, before delving into the history of herbalism in Scotland where the hereditary doctors to Scotland?s medieval kings used herbs to complement the teachings of Hippocrates and other classical physicians. This herbalist tradition carried on into the 19th century when Duncan Napier first opened his dispensary in Edinburgh?s Old Town. The success of Napiers over 140 years is revealed by father and daughter Tom and Dee Atkinson. And for the first time the strange and sad but inspiring story of Napiers founder Duncan...