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Robert Cowart, Brian Knittel

Special Edition Using Windows XP Professional, Bestseller Edition

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ISBN: 0789728524
Издательство: Que
The only Windows XP Professional book you need! Finally, the Windows NT/2000 line of products sports the elegance and usability of Windows 95/98/Me. Windows XP Professional is the operating system for which power users have pined since NT 4 was released in 1996. Like most corporate operating systems, however, early corporate adoptions have been slow as corporations wait for Microsoft service patches to shore up the inevitable security, networking, and usability bugs that plague every new Microsoft OS. SP-1 delivers just that and promises to usher in a wave of corporate adoptions. Also included, more than 45 minutes of video from Brainsville.com! This personal seminar introduces the viewer to Windows XP and demonstrates how to use it, covering topics ranging from mastering the new XP user interface to how to set up and fine tune a local area network.