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Hans Bakker

The Next Leap : Achieving Growth Through Global Networks, Partnerships and Co-operation

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ISBN: 1904879136
Издательство: Cyan Communications
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Drawing upon on-the-job know-how from their client base and findings from their research, a team of consultants from KPMG, one of the world's leading consulting firms, lays out a practical framework for catapulting international companies to the next level of growth and increased profitability. Through interviews with CEOs and other executives from leading multinational corporations, including ABN AMRO, British Petroleum, Unilever, and Vodafone, they examine how these companies have experienced dramatically different results in the face of the same brutal factors—constantly evolving customer needs, a highly volatile economic environment, and rapid expansion—that less successful companies have encountered. Having determined that the accomplishment of substantial growth in global markets could only be realized via the development of effective partnerships and alliances with other organizations, they conclude that companies must increasingly rely on...