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Markus Venzin

The Strategy Process : A Practical Handbook for Implementation in Business

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ISBN: 190487911X
Издательство: Cyan Communications
Год издания: 2005
Book Description Dismissing the plethora of meaningless buzz words, simplistic checklists, and impractical business models common to management theory, this handbook advocates down-to-earth techniques for creating and implementing realistic business strategies. Presenting an array of methods that have stood the test of time in real-world business and academic environments, the content focuses on the strategic process as the backbone for the planning and implementation of strategic initiatives. Serving to remind readers that questions such as What do I do? When do I do it? and What goals should I be trying to achieve? should be posed at each stage of the strategic process, chapters begin with a brief introduction summarizing the tasks associated with specific stages, such as market analysis and development of a long-term vision, and the anticipated results. Would-be strategists are also advised on the axioms of patience, realism, and perseverance as they pertain to...