Обложка книги Community and Money: Men and Women Making Change

Community and Money: Men and Women Making Change

ISBN: 155164214X;
Издательство: Black Rose Books

At the beginning of the 21st century, the three most important concerns in the developed nations are remarkably convergent?unemployment, the environment, and community breakdown?and there are strong indications that these same issues will remain on top of the agenda well into the next century. Emerging technologies promise to keep unemployment a major issue, even if all Western economies get out of recession. By 2010, China will introduce as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the entire world does today. And community breakdown is one of the most systemic, deep, and complex societal trends of the past 30 years, with no signs of any reversal. Precisely because we will have to live with these issues for the foreseeable future, only a long-term structural approach can successfully resolve these problems. Community and Money is about how community currencies could contribute to tackling all three problems. Local currencies are springing up all...