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Marco Buti, Andre Sapir

Emu and Economic Policy in Europe: The Challenge of the Early Years (In Association With the European Community)

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ISBN: 1843761521
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
?All the economists who have contributed to this volume are both distinguished scholars and active participants in the policy debate. Over the years, they have greatly helped policymakers, at the national and Union levels, to identify and understandthe difficult policy choices involved in the running of EMU. I am grateful for their contribution to the success of the euro.? - From the foreword by Pedro Solbes European Monetary Union (EMU) is a completely new policy regime which has significant economic implications and which, it is hoped, will ultimately enhance the role of Europe on the world stage. EMU and Economic Policy in Europe takes stock of the initial experiences of EMU and assesses the challenges which will have to be addressed in the early years of its existence to ensure its long-term objectives are successfully achieved. Bringing together leading scholars and policymakers, the book considers some of the most pertinent and significant issues...