Обложка книги Managing Financial and Corporate Distress: Lessons from Asia

Managing Financial and Corporate Distress: Lessons from Asia

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ISBN: 0815701039;
Издательство: Brookings Institution Press

In the wake of the Asian financial crisis, many of the region's once-prosperous nations find themselves struggling to recover from crippling financial debt. In this volume, the second in Brookings' Emerging Markets Finance series, leading specialists focus on the debt workout process stemming from the crisis. Topics discussed include short term banking debt, the role of the government in facilitating and accelerating restructuring, long-term growth implications for Asian crisis economies, as well as casestudies of Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia. Contributors include Dipak Dasgupta, Masahiro Kawai, Ira W. Lieberman, William Mako, Gerald E. Meyerman, Ashoka Mody, and David Scott (The World Bank), Bernhard Eschweiler (J.P. Morgan), Benjamin Friedman (Harvard University), Peter Garber (Deutsche Bank), Stefan Ingves and Carl-Johan Lindgren (International Money Fund), Ken Kletzer (University of California-Santa Cruz), Ashish Narain (University of Maryland), Richard Portes (Haas School of...

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