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George Macesich, Dimitrije Dimitrejevic

Monetary Reform in Former Socialist Economies

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ISBN: 0275950085
Издательство: Praeger Publishers
Radical change seems to be the only panacea for inefficient economies. This work takes a look at the financial system and its function in socialist central planning economies. It provides an explanation of the partial reforms in socialist economies from the 1950s to 1988. With Yugoslavia as the example, the work discusses financial and monetary reforms and adjustments in socialist economies. An explanation of monetary reform includes the changes in the role of financial intermediation and monetary policygoals, target and instruments, and methodological questions. General conclusions about recent monetary reforms in socialist economies completes the discussion. Scholars, students, and those interested in comparative, developmental, international, and historical economics will find this a valuable resource and interesting reading. It is an especially useful book at the graduate and seminar level.