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Susan Hoffmann

Politics and Banking: Ideas, Public Policy, and the Creation of Financial Institutions

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ISBN: 0801867029
Издательство: Johns Hopkins University Press
In Politics and Banking Susan Hoffmann explores the influence of public philosophies?in particular, classic liberalism, utilitarianism, progressivism, and populism?on the development of U.S. banking institutions. Focusing on banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions, Hoffmann demonstrates that though policy makers' political and economic interests surely played a role in the development of these institutions and the policies relating to them, we cannot overlook the importance of ideas. Following the development of banking from the first Congress through the Great Depression, Hoffmann begins by explaining how particular political ideas helped create the first Bank of the United States. She shows how other ideas?about the relationship between public and private spheres?led to the demise of the second Bank of the United States and establishment of the Independent Treasury. Further chapter topics include the development of the corporate bank;...
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