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Juan R. Cuadrado Roura, Marti Parellada

Regional Convergence in the European Union: Facts, Prospects and Policies (Advances in Spatial Science)

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ISBN: 3540432426
Издательство: Springer-Verlag Telos
Why are some regions in the European Union 'winners'of economic integration? And why are others 'losers'? This book explores these important questions and examines the relationship between economic integration, regional convergence, and divergence. In doing so it gives an overview of the most recent evolution of regional disparities in the EU. Central and peripheral regions are analysed as well as those in a re-conversion economic process. The authors address the question of whether regions tend to converge or not from different points of view. They particularly assess the impact of the Monetary Union on regional economies from theoretical and empirical approaches. Other important aspects covered include: the European regional policy, the effects of structural funds and the reforms needed. No doubt, this is an excellent book for anybody interested in learning more about regional trends and prospects in an increasingly integrated world.