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Pamela Ammond

Wow! Look at Windows Xp: The Complete Picture of What's in Windows Xp Using Easy-To-Understand Language; In-Depth Coverage That's Not Too Techn

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ISBN: 0971423903
Издательство: Empowering You!
Wow! Look at Windows XP gives you what other books are missing, the complete picture of what's in Windows XP in easy-to-understand language. So practical and easy to read, you can sit at your computer with book in hand and immediately apply what you learn. Microsoft has improved Windows, making Windows XP easier, more secure, powerful and lots of fun. Wow! Look at Windows XP will help you discover features and decide which to use. It is full of ideas on using your computer and provides in-depth coverage of Windows XP features with many pictures. Have fun! Wow! Look at Windows XP starts where you would start, at the beginning, thinking about why you need Windows XP, what version to buy, and what your computer must have to run Windows XP. Wow! Lookat Windows XP also explains activation and registration, and how they will affect you. Of course, you will learn all about the exciting features available in Windows XP.