Обложка книги The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to E-Cash

The Money Changers: Currency Reform from Aristotle to E-Cash

ISBN: 1853838950;
Издательство: Earthscan Publications

The common sense view of "money" as a natural and unchanging economic fact is, in reality, a product of contemporary society. Indeed, ever since money was invented there has been fierce debate about its political, economic and ethical character, and a continued discourse, involving academics, political theorists and social reformers, on the best ways to create money, the most effective rules for governing its use, and even the potential benefits of its abolition. Recent years have seen an increasingly powerful resurgence of interest in fundamentally changing national and global systems of currency and in controlling the monetary trends -- the booms and busts of the globalized economy -- that affect all aspects of our lives. Yet few realize that theseobjections have deep roots and a rich tradition. "The Money Changers" is a unique collection of historical and contemporary thought on the nature of money, combining the political and polemical, the analytical and the visionary. It...

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