Обложка книги TrainSmart: Perfect Trainings Every Time

TrainSmart: Perfect Trainings Every Time

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ISBN: 1890460109;
Издательство: Brain Store Inc

A brain-friendly approach to training! What does it mean to train smarter, not harder? Discover an approach so powerful and comprehensive, that you?ll never train the old way again. This valuable resource includes hundreds of proven strategies for immediate application, a sample training schedule, potent parables, and a checklist to ensure perfect presentations. TrainSmart works because the foundation of the model is based on how the brain naturally learns best. Drawn from fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, this dynamic resource suggests how and why the brain stays focused, gets excited, remembers and shuts down. When people are trained in a way that is consistent with their instincts, they respond with enthusiasm, encores andtotal engagement. Since the brain does not discriminate between entertainment and education, fun plays a key role in the equation!