Обложка книги Transatlantic Perspectives on Euro

Transatlantic Perspectives on Euro


ISBN: 0815735596;
Издательство: The Brookings Institution

The European economic and monetary union has changed the structure of international monetary relations fundamentally. In this book two experts--one European, the other American--offer transatlantic perspectives on the ramifications of the monetary unionand the launch of the euro. C. Randall Henning examines selected American views on Europe's monetary union, and looks at the political, economic, and institutional interests of the United States as they are affected by the creation of the euro. Heexamines the external monetary policymaking machinery of the union and discusses the relationship of the monetary union to international institutions, particularly the meetings of the G-7 finance ministers and central bank governors and the InternationalMonetary Fund. Henning is generally sympathetic to European integration, supportive of the monetary union, and persuaded of the importance of international cooperation. Pier Carlo Padoan presents a European view of the role of the...