Обложка книги Turbulent Waters:Cross-Border Finance and International Governance

Turbulent Waters:Cross-Border Finance and International Governance

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ISBN: 0815700717;
Издательство: Brookings Institution Press

The world economy at the end of the twentieth century was afflicted with financial turbulence. Millions of people in emerging-market nations endured severe recessions, and many residents of wealthy nations also experienced losses. Some scholars describe this instability as a consequence of a progressively integrated global economy. Writing for the Washington Post, Jessica Matthews describe an "enormous, several trillion-dollar pool of money that sloshes around in what is effectively a supranational cyberspace, moving by computer in and out of off-shore banks and chasing profits in twenty-four hour markets." Spanning the disciplines of economics, finance, political economy and international relations, this wide-ranging, analytical review is a mainstream "primer" for defining the issues and catalyzing a fruitful public debate. It is grounded in an exposition of the analytic fundamentals of financial activity, how those fundamentals apply to an integrating (but still far from...

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