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Lawrence M. Parks

What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?: Alan Greenspan's Speech at the Catholic University Leuven, Leuven, Belgium January 14, 1997

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ISBN: 097103804X
Издательство: Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Ed
"There are very few people who understand the arcane ways in which money is created or, for that matter, who benefits and who is adversely affected by this act of creation. By parsing the language of the Fed chairman, Larry Parks has uncovered a minefield of illuminating observations. Larry Parks, the president of FAME, is the quintessential truth-teller in a world of obscurantism and misunderstanding. For most people, banking and global finance are a mystery wrapped in an enigma. However, the creation of fiat money affects transactions, buying power, investments, personal wealth and the rise and fall of nation states. Even today the runaway inflation during the German Weimar period in the 1930's affects the attitude of the European Central bankers. Through textual analysis Mr. Parks offers extraordinary insight into the operation of the Federal Reserve and, as importantly, the future purchasing power of money. Lest anyone think these are either abstract or pettifogging matters, the...