Обложка книги Land As an Economic Factor and Its Biblical Origins

Land As an Economic Factor and Its Biblical Origins

ISBN: 0595299814;
Издательство: iUniverse

Book DescriptionOur homage to freedom is a mockery, for the blinding glare of riches and power have made of democracy an illusion. The consequence is life without social and economic justice and a false viewA?we are chained to monetary acquisitiveness, group identities, and other limited perspectives. Power and influence coupled with technology, bureaucracy, and greed have masked accumulated wisdom-the bedrock of individual integrity. Even social injustice masked as property rights takes on a look of integrity, liberty, and prosperity. At the root of our problems is the relation of man to the land and his mental and physical separation from it. The most endurable structure would be built upon the Fatherhood of God, which the ancient Hebrews perceived as requiring the sharing among the entire people of the divine gift of land. While land rent has been acknowledged to be socially created, a theft by private interests of natural resources that belong to mankind in...