Обложка книги The Incredible Hoax: The Nature of the Beast

The Incredible Hoax: The Nature of the Beast

ISBN: 141200294X;
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Book DescriptionAn amazing, essential, entertaining, factual and fascinating look at our "mad cash disease," the nature of man and money. Also free access to an equally riveting website. Good to have, The Perfect gift" Not to do so, are sins of omission.Only US-$13.95 Sample excerpts: "Let us issue and control the money of a nation and we care not who makes the laws" - The Illuminati- 1776 "Let us contrive wars in the name of 'Peace' and we can enslave the world through their financing andthe creation of credit." - The Illuminati- 1778 "All the perplexities, confusion, distress, strife, economic depressions, instabilities, inflation and devaluation experiences of the world arise, not from defects in Constitutions; not from a desire to be selfish or see others suffer, but downright ignorance of the nature of money, the nature of credit, and the nature of the private interests who control and manipulate them" - Extract from a speech given at the University of Texas,...