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William Rutherford

Who Shot Goldilocks?: How Alan Greenspan Did in Our Jobs, Savings, and Retirement Plans

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ISBN: 0975310402
Издательство: Crown Point Press
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionWHO SHOT GOLDILOCKS? How Alan Greenspan did in our jobs, savings and retirement plans By William D. Rutherford The US economy experienced one of the productive and prosperous decades of its history in the 1990s. Led by the engines oftechnological advancement, a post-Cold War surplus of investment capital worldwide, and the growing importance and practice of international trade, the American economy took off on the longest unbroken expansion in its history. Remarkably, this growth was not so feverish as to create inflation, as production efficiency was at an all time high. It was also steady enough to avoid cool periods many expansions experience. Many economy watchers called it "the Goldilocks Economy," because it was not too hot and not too cool. It was just right, and the country prospered behind it. Then, very quickly and with little warning, it ground to a devastating halt. Businesses were immobilized by the capital crunch caused by the falling stock...