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Robin Leonard

Solve Your Money Troubles: Get Debt Collectors Off Your Back & Regain Financial Freedom

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ISBN: 1413301983
Издательство: NOLO
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionEverything you need to get out of debt and repair your credit. Feeling overwhelmed by your debts? If you're ready to regain your financial freedom, this book is exactly what you need! Step by step, Solve Your Money Troubles shows you how to: *prioritize debts *create a budget *negotiate with creditors *stop collector harassment *challenge wage attachments *contend with repossessions *respond to creditor lawsuits *qualify for a mortgage *rebuild credit To make the process easier Solve Your Money Troubles also includes sample letters to creditors, as well as worksheets and charts to calculate your debts and expenses and help you create a repayment plan. The 10th edition is completely revised to provide the latest consumer protections, as we as an updated discussion about managing money and debt.