Обложка книги All Crises Are Global: Managing to Escape Chaos

All Crises Are Global: Managing to Escape Chaos

ISBN: 0823222616;
Издательство: Fordham University Press

From the Enron scandal to the Ebola virus scare, from oil spills to acts of terrorism, crises scar our age. And whether it's an expensive product recall or a deadly airplane crash, any crisis can turn into chaos unless there's an effective management response plan in place. All Crises Are Global provides the basics of an effective crisis-management plan. Marion Pinsdorf gives managers the tools and sensitivity to deal with the catastrophic effects of a crisis whether it touches on the organization itself, the media, competitors, partners, government, or victims. Filled with real-world examples of successes and failures (from the Arthur Andersen meltdown to the attacks of September 11), Pinsdorf shows how to plan for, manage, monitor, and mitigate theeffects of crises large and small. Spread instantaneously to a litigious world by global media, crises can no longer be contained or controlled only anticipated and managed. Executives can manage the impact of even large-scale...