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Ceil Cleveland

Better Punctuation in 30 Minutes a Day (Better English)

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ISBN: 156414626X
Издательство: Career Press
Who cares about commas, semicolons, dashes, and hyphens? Well, you should. A misplaced punctuation mark can confuse physicians and surgeons, cause thousands of dollars in legal fees, misinform judges, puzzle bankers, misguide stockbrokers...and create lumps in your pudding. You don't need a teacher with a mouthful of jargon to help you understand how to make yourself clearly understood. Better Punctuation in 30 Minutes a Day will help you teach yourself. This small, step-by-step handbook is your indispensable guide if you need to: - Compose high school or college papers. - Apply to college or for a job. - Write a resume or an application. - Communicate your thoughts to anyone, from your landlord to your loved one.You can work on your own,at your own speed, and within your own time frame.
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