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Thad B. Green, Jay T. Knippen

Breaking the Barrier to Upward Communication : Strategies and Skills for Employees, Managers, and HR Specialists

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ISBN: 1567202004
Издательство: Quorum Books
Much has been written about communicating within organizations but relatively little on the critical skill of communicating upward. Green and Knippen, experts in employee motivation and performance, show how essential it is to the success of an organization, public or private, for employees to get their ideas up the ladder and into the hands of the decision-makers. Their book outlines more than 40 specific upward communication needs and offers a structure that will ensure that the movement of ideas upward actually takes place. Unique in that it provides concrete advice for executives, managers, and employees alike, the book is especially important for human resource specialists, people engaged in training and developing the managers of tomorrow and contributing to the organization's success today.
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